Fullscreen 2019

Curtin University

Something special.


Curtin University 2019 design website connecting industry professionals with graduates. Providing information about the event and a portal for graduates to display their work.


Eamon McKiernan | Sean Buchanan


  • User Interface and Experience
  • Front-end Development
  • Back-end Development


  1. Create dynamic content allowing for ease of data input.
  2. Allow users to search graduates by major, specialisation and name.
  3. Create wish list allowing users to add and store favourite graduates.
  4. Optimise content and website across different screen sizes and devices.


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Photoshop



  • Search by graduate name
  • Filter by specialisation
  • Graduate wish-list
  • Database management
  • Dynamic content
  • AJAX loaded content


  1. First time organising such a large amount of content on a website, I found it difficult to structuring the database in a way that efficiently saves and displays content.
  2. I found difficulty in creating a wishlist that stores students' information and links them into a dynamic output upon select a graduate. As I am a bit inexperienced with AJAX and how it interacts with the DOM and PHP.
  3. Restricting pages by major and being able to filter by name and specialisation I found challenging with MySQL querying with multiple level arrays.




Some other things.

Zoom Ride Hailing

Government Public Transport Service

  • Google Maps API
  • SVG Animation
  • Web Application

Government rideshare web applications built to tackle congestion on roads through the use of autonomous vehicles.

Activated Almond

Digital Marketing Company

  • Custom Wordpress
  • AJAX

Activated Almond Digital needed an online presence to connect with their customer base and provide information about who they are and what services they provide.